Our Response to Covid-19

COVID-19 has struck the world quickly over the past few weeks, leaving many Americans uncertain of their wellbeing and financial security. At RJE Capital, our number one concern is the wellbeing of our clients, and safety of our team. We are ensuring that the necessary precautions are taken, including canceling employee travel, availability of virtual notarization, and a private 24/7 communication line between clients and our team.

In these uncertain times, we now more than ever want to help those we work with ensuring a sense of safety and peace of mind. Customer service is the backbone of RJE Capital and we take pride in going above and beyond for our clients with consistent, factual information and education. Our knowledgeable staff is easily accessible to answer any questions you might have, and it is important that, as a community, transparency and assistance are front of mind. In addition to our tools and constant access, we never conceal fees and have made it our mission to provide clarity and support throughout the entire process. As a valued member of our community, it is imperative to our team that your questions are answered, and you feel as though your concerns are being heard and addressed.

As the country moves forward through this period of uncertainty, we want you to know that our commitment to you as a client is unwavering, and we are taking all necessary steps to ensure the longevity of not only our business, but also your financial health. Understanding the severity of the times and the necessity for access to cash for current clients, RJE Capital is offering an immediate advance of funding to help our community get through the pandemic. Our Instant Advance Relief Program (IARF) allows clients to receive a derived amount within 24 hours. There is no fixed limit as to how much each client can receive and will be determined on a case by case basis through our online outreach program. If you are interested in seeing how much you can receive through this emergency program, our team is available to answer questions at any time and will explain how this immediate funding impacts your current contract and negotiations.

As a community, it is important that each member feels supported through this time of uncertainty; we are here to provide support and clarity. The IARF program and RJE Capital is here if you need help throughout the pandemic.

If you are in need of an immediate advance or would like to find out more about the IARF program, we are here to answer questions and help you set up a consultation. Contact our team today for more information at 800-557-0964.

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