What Are My Annuity and Structured Settlement Payments Worth?

The world of structured settlements and annuities can be complicated and intimidating, especially when it comes to selling your future payments. The use of a structured settlement calculator can help! Our calculator makes quick work of what can often seem like a daunting task and provides useful information to move forward with your sale.

Determining the Value of Your Annuity

The correct figures to plug into the calculator can be found on your annuity contract. The calculator makes it easy to determine which numbers on your contract need to be used in order to produce a strong quote for your future payments. The calculator relies on specific numbers, evaluating the time, interest, and overall value of your investment, so it is important to be exact when plugging them in.

Once you have determined your custom quote based on your annuity contract, you are now one step closer to successfully selling your structured settlement or annuity for a competitive price. This number produced by our calculator serves as a tool by which to find the right buyer (hyperlink to other article) for your future payments. Choosing either private buyers or factoring companies is much easier when entering with a calculated quote because it provides a base line from which to negotiate a final price, and get you the best deal for your structured settlement or annuity.

Factors to Determine Your Quote

Our calculator needs just a few things in order to produce an effective quote before you are matched with the correct buyer.

Thinking About Buying an Annuity?

A financial expert can talk to you about your specific financial needs and recommend the type of annuity that is right for you.


How long are you expecting to receive payments and when? Payments expected in the next few years versus twenty years have a much different value on the market.


What is the amount of every payment you are scheduled to receive? The size of each payment over the course of your annuity or structured settlement impacts the lump sum you would be able to collect.


How regularly are you receiving payments? Each contract is set up differently so payments can be received from monthly installments to annual installments. This schedule makes a difference in the overall payout amount and would change the quote for buyers.

What Our Calculator Does Not Do

We would like to emphasize that this calculator is a tool to get the selling process underway and provides basic information for buyers to use as a baseline for producing your final quote. There are certain annuity features that are not accounted for with the calculator, because those factors need to be addressed by the buyer directly in order to produce a comprehensive quote for your settlement or annuity. Our customer service team is available to speak with you concerning more complicated contracts, or general questions about how to use the calculator effectively.

Estimates of annuities with the following features are not available with use of our calculator:

  • Payments that end within the next five years
  • Payments that include interest rate adjustments
  • Payments that are not on a schedule
  • Payments that increase over time
  • Payments with amounts that vary per pay period
  • Payments that include cost of living adjustments

Please note that our calculator uses a specific formula, and we do not determine the number produced. If you do not like the estimate you receive from our calculator, we are happy to work with you to find a better option so that you receive the best possible quote for your structured settlement or annuity.




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